Made for a Mission

In this Sermon:

You need a ministry to look after the believer but a mission to reach the unbeliever. You need a ministry to the body of Christ but a mission to the world. In the Bible this mission is called sharing the Good News or Evangelism. Jesus entrusted us with that mission, (John 17:18). God didn’t save you so that you can take your business to a higher level or just to be promoted at work or go and have a new adventure. He saved you so that you can accomplish His mission. Watch the complete sermon to learn more.

1. What is sharing the Good News? (John 20:21)

Evangelism is the word we use to call the act of sharing the Good News. Just like there are misconceptions about Worship and Fellowship there are misconceptions about Evangelism also. Sometimes we think of Evangelism as an Open Air Meeting or just another event. However in Greek the Word Evangelism means Good News. All of us can be evangelists because all of us have the good news which is good not for a season but forever.

2. Where do I share the Good News? (Acts 1:8)

The Bible doesn’t say we must start with Jerusalem, then go to Judea and Samaria before going to utmost parts of the world. Rather it says to share the Good News in all of these places concurrently. It means we have to share the Good News everywhere as the opportunity arise. In fact if the early Missionaries waited until their nations were saved, we will not be here today.

3. How do I share the Good News? (Acts 1:8b)

You share the Good News by being a witness. The Bible doesn’t say bring them to church, prayer meeting or to the Pastor. It rather says you will be his witnesses. He created you. He only has one of you. You are His plan. You are His man (or woman). You will be His witness.