Created to become like Christ

In this Sermon:

Pastors Palitha Jayasooriya and Chrisso Handy talk about becoming like Jesus in our own lives while helping others to become like Jesus which the Bible calls Discipleship. Watch the full sermon to learn more.

1. Discipleship: We will be a church that trusts in His authority

Just before Jesus gave the Great Commission to Church, he told them all authority has been given to me in heaven and in earth. He invested that authority on the church. That authority is universal and covers everything we have to do and we need as Christians. His authority is also purposeful. That purpose is to become like Jesus and help others to become Jesus as well.

2. Discipleship: We will be a church that follows only His leading

Our vision is to be made into the image of Christ. Our mission is to make disciples for Christ. There are certain people, in whose presence you feel like you are actually standing in the presence of Christ because they have the image of Christ implanted so strongly in their lives that you imagine that you are in the presence of Christ. But on the other hand we also have a command given by Jesus that we are to go out and make disciples. This is also the vision of our church. It is to reach the unreached, be discipled and disciple others.


Discipleship has bad press today. People think discipleship is for a special class of people who has the great ability to go further in faith than other people. There’s a reason for that. First, when we think of Discipleship we think of Old Testament terms. But we are living in the New Testament era. In the Old Testament it was a requirement but in the New Testament it’s enablement.