What have we learned?

In this Sermon:

Even as we have come to the end of the 40 Days of Purpose, let’s join Pastor Dishan Wickramaratne looking back at what we learned so far and what does God wants us to do with the knowledge we received, (Deuteronomy 11:2). Watch the video to hear the full sermon.

1. 40 Days of Purpose: Life is about God. Not us

Life is all about God and it’s not about us. This is the most important lesson we learned during this period of 40 Days of Purpose. The moment you start treating God like an errand boy, you have got the wrong perspective to life. When you have the wrong perspective to life you begin walking on the wrong path. But in these 40 Days of Purpose we learned that life is all about God. It’s not about us. Everything starts, ends and revolves around God.

2. 40 Days of Purpose: God created us to love us

God decided to do what he wants to do. Then he created you and me not because we can perform and accomplish but simply because he wants to love us. Because he loves us he overlooks all the mistakes we have made in life. He loves us so much we cannot comprehend that love with our puny minds. God is not waiting with a gigantic hammer in his hand for us to make a mistake. But He forgives and gives us grace to move on in life. Therefore our lives revolve around him now.

3. 40 Days of Purpose: God created us for eternity

God has placed eternity in human hearts. You have found answers to most of the questions you have in life when you understand this fact. God wants to give you eternal life. You don’t live for this life only. You live also for the eternal life.