For the “Ministry” Purpose, many active programs are carried out in Sinhala and Tamil languages. This Ministry is led by Pas Samantha Pathmakumara and a team and has been a great blessing to many people.

There are many active ministries under the “Ministry” Purpose. All these ministries have been divided into 3 main sections – ministry to the church family, community services and ministries at the Sunday Services.

“Love’s Door” (Prison Ministry)

A group of people who have a burden in their hearts for prisoners, carry out
evangelistic and counseling ministries. The team visits the prisons weekly and pray for the prisoners. Through this ministry, during the month of December, they give gifts to the prisoners and share a wonderful message of peace with them comforting their hearts as well.

Ministry to HIV Patients (Red Ribbon)

Every week time is spent at the Lanka Plus Institution, praying for the patients and sharing the Word of God.  This ministry is led by Bro. Vijitha and Bro. Bandu and the Lord has done great things in the lives of the residents at the Institution.
Programs are organized for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year and for Christmas for the adults and the children. These bring a great joy to each of them.

Dry Ration Packs for the Widows and Destitute Ladies

Sis Susan Wickramaratne started this ministry and at present this ministry is led by Sis Manique de Soyza.  This ministry has been a great blessing to many.
A special program is conducted for the widows to celebrate the joys of Christmas during which a meal is provided and gifts are distributed.  The Church is also blessed by this activity that bring so much of joy to the hearts of all the widows who attend.

“Pathway of Light” (Ministries to the visually handicapped)

A strong relationship exists between the Sri Lanka Institution for the Visually Handicapped and People’s Church. The ministry to the visually handicapped can be considered as a long-standing service.
Special programs are conducted for the visually handicapped in the months of April and December and they are greatly blessed by these programs.

“Hospital Ministry”

Various activities are carried out at the Kalubowila Hospital, the General Hospital, the Leprosy Hospital in Hendala, the I.D.H and Mulleriyawa.
Cooked food and essential items are distributed among patients who need such
assistance. Also, they experience great blessings through the sharing of the Good News and receive healing when they are prayed for. These ministries are carried out through the Divisions as well.


We believe in the personal and spiritual growth of every believer. It is our mission to have every believer be discipled, and empowered to disciple others. To us, discipleship means ‘Loving God by fully obeying Him.’ This entails getting to know Him through His word, and choosing to live according to it. Participation in our Life Classes is crucial to the fulfilment of this purpose. Talk to Pastor Chrisso Handy or Pastor Lucky Anthony at for more information.