The goal of the ‘Discipleship’ Purpose is to facilitate the transformation of someone who is just a follower of Jesus Christ into a true Christian follower by building/changing his/her attitudes, thinking patterns and character through the teachings of the Word of God, and through these trainings to make them become true disciples.
The ‘Discipleship’ Purpose ministry will be led by Pas Lucky Anton together with a specialized team.
Ministries under the ‘Discipleship’ Purpose:

School for Christian Growth

In order to provide guidance for the Christian life and to motivate everyone, the School for Christian Growth will have 4 Bases consisting of 3 terms and each Base will be for 12 weeks.

Base 1  -  Spiritual Foundation

Base 2  -  Towards Growth

Base 3  -  Recognize the Talents

Base 4  -  Serving Others

In addition to the above

A class to introduce newcomers to the Bible
After completing the 4 Bases, follow the Seminar Class
G.C.E (O/L) Class & Year 10 Class  (Teach Christianity –  using the same text books as those the schools are using and teach the same syllabus)
Leadership Training (LCOM)
Training those who are in leadership in various fields (coaching, mentoring)
Teacher Training
A specialized training program will be conducted in Sinhala and Tamil languages for everyone teaching in the School for Christian Growth.
Layman’s Bible College – Lanka College of Ministry (LCOM)
This is a higher education program designed for those who are in ministry, in order to bring about discipline in a systematic way so they will intelligently grow in the Word of God. In addition to the classroom education, the LCOM syllabus can be used, via the Internet, for this purpose.
Church Membership
Acceptance into Church Membership is done annually. Attend the course on the “Vision of the Church” conducted by Pas Dishan Wickramaratne.  This will provide the opportunity for those who are accepted as members to be involved in any ministry of the Church.

 Those selected members will face an interview conducted by the Pastors, Board of Elders and Deacons of the Church, after which they will be accepted during the service as eligible to be members of the Church.

Through all these ministries, people’s lives are changed and they gain many experiences and receive great blessings from God.


We believe in the personal and spiritual growth of every believer. It is our mission to have every believer be discipled, and empowered to disciple others. To us, discipleship means ‘Loving God by fully obeying Him.’ This entails getting to know Him through His word, and choosing to live according to it. Participation in our Life Classes is crucial to the fulfilment of this purpose. Talk to Pastor Chrisso Handy or Pastor Lucky Anthony at chrisso.h@peopleschurch.lk for more information.