Why Purposes?

People’s Church runs on relationship. We are called to fulfill the purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. We believe that when all five of these purposes flourish, the church becomes a healthy, balanced organism, with the capacity to grow steadily into the fullness of God’s design for it.


1st Purpose: Worship

We believe in pursuing the heart of God. It is our desire to be in His presence and to celebrate Him by expressing our love and gratitude toward Him, in song, in the use of our talents, in words, in giving, and inaction. We believe that God is honoured in our world when we chose to live lives of worship. Talk to Pastor Dhishan Wickramaratne (Jr) on [email protected] for more information


2nd Purpose: Fellowship

We believe in relationship. Every believer is part of God’s great family, and this is something we celebrate. As a church, we encourage, nurture, and facilitate healthy relationships – between the believer and God, between individuals, and in families – through our small group network, and our adults,’ youth, and children’s networks. Talk to Pastor Ashan Jayewickrama at [email protected] for more information.


3rd Purpose: Discipleship

We believe in the personal and spiritual growth of every believer. It is our mission to have every believer be discipled, and empowered to disciple others. To us, discipleship means ‘Loving God by fully obeying Him.’ This entails getting to know Him through His word, and choosing to live according to it. Participation in our Life Classes is crucial to the fulfilment of this purpose. Talk to Pastor Chrisso Handy or Pastor Lucky Anthony at [email protected] for more information.


4th Purpose: Ministry

We believe in putting God’s love into action. We consider it our mandate to encourage and help every believer to discover their purpose and to live it out, in the confidence that this process will cause a transformation in them that will powerfully impact their community. As a church, we provide numerous opportunities to serve and to contribute towards community transformation. Talk to Pastor Padmakumara Samantha at [email protected] for more information.


5th Purpose: Evangelism

We believe that as ambassadors of God, we are called to carry His good news to all those who have not had the opportunity to hear it. To us, evangelism is the effort we make, as individuals and as a church, to reach out to our community, especially to those who have not yet been reached, with the love and grace of God. We believe that sharing God’s goodness with others is not a personal choice, but a mandate that He requires us to fulfil. Talk to Pastor Raja Loganathan at [email protected] for more information.