What is S.O.A.P?

It’s really important to do systematic Bible Study. It can make a big difference in our life. It will be the difference between victory and failure for us. S.O.A.P is a method used for doing such systematic Bible Study.

What do I need to do S.O.A.P?

  1. Your Bible
  2. A Pen
  3. A Notebook

How do I do it?

S: Stands for Scripture. Everyday when you read a portion of scripture note the passage that speaks to you most.

O: Stands for Observation. Note down the observations about the promises or principles mentioned in the passage.

A: Stands for Application. Meditate on your portion of scripture for the day and apply to your life.

P: Stands for Prayer. Ask God to help you apply the scripture that you read for the day. To forgive and cleanse you and also praise God for the Word that was given through scripture.