Since we worship a God who gave us everything – even His very life – we are happiest when we give back. We believe in the principle of tithing, and love being able to give over and above this, towards causes that are close to God’s heart.


We have experienced the satisfaction of obeying God by giving 10% of our monthly earnings as a tithe towards the work of God! Experience this for yourself, by giving God His tithe.


We find true satisfaction in our finances when we know we have made an offering from and out of our earnings, to bless the work of the church. We grow more content, as we give.

Care & Concern

We believe in taking care of those in our church-family who are going through times of difficulty. You can be part of God’s solution for many hurting families in the church.


By giving towards missions, you can help carry God’s message to every corner of Sri Lanka, and as far beyond as God would have us go!

Center of Hope

Be part of our social service arm, the Center of Hope, which touches low-income, struggling communities outside of the church, with nutritional, medical, and educational support.