Kidz Klubz

Kidz Klubz is a value-based education program that is administered on a weekly basis, by a large network of volunteers, in over 200 locations across the city of Colombo and its suburbs, to children between the ages of 4 and 14 years, who live in circumstances of dire economic, social and spiritual poverty. The children enrolled in this program learn key values through a specially developed curriculum.

Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope is an initiative through which we work with schools to prevent child sexual abuse, by creating awareness and providing education on the issues surrounding it. We also work with children who are victims of abuse, and partner with other organizations in assisting children affected by HIV AIDS.

Centre of Hope

Center of Hope, is the social service arm of People’s Church. Over the years, the Center of Hope has carried an exciting message of hope to the rejected, the poor, and the vulnerable all across Sri Lanka, through the provision of specially developed programs.

We work towards making a holistic impact on the communities that reach out to us through our community centers, called ‘Centers of Hope,’ by conducting daily feeding programs, medical clinics, recreational activities, daily after-school classes, library facilities, IT labs, and talent and skill development programs to children enrolled with us. Please feel free to visit the official COH website for further information.

How it all began?

In 1976, Sri Lanka hosted the ‘Non-Aligned Movement Conference’ (‘Non-Aligned Summit’) in Colombo, in preparation for which many vulnerable families were relocated to what became known as ‘Summitpura’ in Mattakkuliya, a suburb of Colombo. It was in response to the plight of this community that People’s Church set up its first community center in 1979. Today, this single initiative has developed into a multi-site, multi-service, outreach program, called the Center of Hope.