Be a Hero and Save a Life

Blood transfusions can be vital for people with medical conditions, such as anaemia, cancer blood disorders, or those who are having surgery. Blood transfusions can also improve the quality of life for people whose illness has no cure.

It has long been the burden of our Senior Pastor’s heart to bless those battling life threatening diseases, particularly by running a blood donation campaign at church. It is his belief that an effort of this nature would not only help those who are suffering, it would also help the public to become more aware of the need for blood, and realise how easily they can be of assistance in this area.

It was with this vision in mind that the idea was put forward to the church at large, and it was extremely heartening to see how enthusiastically it was embraced by the whole church family.

Accordingly, after much prayer and weeks of meticulous planning by the Ministry Purpose of People’s Church, the blood donation drive was held on 15 July 2017, in collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Service, under the campaign name ‘Be A Hero And Save A Life.’

We had over 150 people take time out on a Saturday morning to register at the donation drive. Of this number, over 80 people were eligible to donate. There were many who were not able to donate due to medical reasons. However, we were advised that just one pint of blood can save three lives – so we were very excited by the turnout on the whole, and were honoured to have been able to make such a substantial contribution, as a family of believers.

Our prayer is that our effort truly will bless hundreds of lives. We hope to run this campaign annually, and are confident that the turnout will be even better as the years go on.

We thank the National Blood Transfusion Service, the doctors, nurses, helpers and volunteers, whose commitment and hard work made this campaign a wonderful success.

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