Being Best Friends with Your Spouse - You and Me forever as BFFs

Kithmini Jayewickreme

Some say that once married, your spouse is expected to be your best friend. Others find that quite cheesy. Cheesy or not, being best friends for almost 17 years of our married life and for 9 years prior, have truly brought us through the most toughest challenges in life.
To quote my wedding wows, “from being friends to best friends and now pledging to be best friends forever as one...” has proved true to this day.

The challenges we faced in our courtship drew us closer together. We were quite young. Landline phone calls were certainly not allowed (although we did so once in awhile). Mobile phones were a “no! no!,” and something we could not afford. Hence, we settled with 2 monitors’ exercise books that were exchanged every Sunday at church with the happenings of every single day through the week, properly dated so we would understand the moments within each of our days. We carried on in this manner for years until we were old enough to own a mobile phone. We have thus accumulated many exercise books that we cherish up to date. We literally grew up together. We shared in each others dreams and visions and never lost sight of our friendship and love. The road was never easy, but there was one stronger cord that held us together -Jesus. Through every storm we prayed. Through every hurdle we cried out to Jesus. Nothing gets past each of us without the other knowing. I could never open up to anyone the way I open up to my husband and he would state the same. He has held my hand and being the shoulder I could cry on through some of the most painful events of my life, and I can say that I am blessed beyond measure for this bond of love intertwined with a beautiful friendship.

There are many things, people say, that they cannot share with their spouse, we on the other hand cannot keep any secrets from each other (except for surprises we would plan for one another or confidentiality maintained when counselling other people). :)
I could wake up with an unending joy of sharing life with my best friend, and just like any BFFs would, we could one day fight to almost kill each other, but miss each other crazy until the fight ends. At the end of a long day, we could go to bed knowing we’ve got each others’ backs. Every decision whether small or great is discussed before we could come to a suitable conclusion.

We enjoy each others company in every way and that includes just sitting on the bed and chatting, taking a drive, mingling with our kids, doing ministry, and simply doing life together. I can truly say that, the friendship we carried through from our courtship days and before have just grown with time, seasoned with age and is far better as every life lesson is learned together under one roof, now with miniature versions of us- the products of our love. To have your spouse be your Best Friend is the Greatest Gift you could unwrap everyday, for forever.