Creative Date Night Ideas

Shehara Wickramaratne 

1. Relax and unwind together
Create a picnic box containing a movie you both enjoy (this can be pre-decided and kept in the box if you are a Netflix user), and some popcorn seeds and snacks, along with your favourite hot drink. Keep this box stored away, and take it out on a night that you are both free. This helps to eliminate time you will otherwise spend on trying to get your date 'together’. If you both are readers, you can replace the movie with a book too. 

2. Being compassionate can be wholesome 
Decide to go out and do and make a difference together. Helping someone vulnerable can change your hearts for the better, and doing it together can be powerful. You can do this with just about anyone! Someone who lives on the streets, or an elderly person who maybe lonely, a neglected family member... the list can go on. It's whatever your heart desires. It only takes one of you to suggest it and then you work together to make an impact. 

3. Music to your soul
See if there is a band playing somewhere, preferably not in a hotel lobby but somewhere quiet, where you both can even sit in silence and take in the ambience or could simply have some fun dancing your hearts out. It just depends on what mood you are in. 

4. Always an adventure 
Travel to a place you will both enjoy. Go explore, whether you go on a hike or visit an archaeological site, let it be a place that sparks an interest in both of you, so that you can reminisce your time together in the future. 
5. Appreciate each other
Take time to enjoy a private dinner and talk about what you appreciate about each other. Validate and affirm one another because it may be a long time since you last did so. You can also leave a trail of notes around the house to show how much you love each other.

6. Enjoy a bit of culture 
Go towards ‘Aluth Kade’ and enjoy a fun-filled evening of unique foods and drinks. 

7. Serenity is peace 
Look for a peaceful area in or around your neighbourhood, where you can take in some beauty, preferably in nature. This sense of peace will often help you reflect on your lives together.