Highlights of the People’s Church Ministry Fair 2017

Here at People's Church, we strongly believe that we have each been shaped to serve God. This is why we make it a priority to seize opportunities to put God's love in to action. The People's Church Ministry Fair, which was held on the 22nd of October, was designed to...

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Vacation Bible School 2017 (Featured Image)

Space Voyage: Vacation Bible School 2017

It has been an absolute delight for us to usher our children in to the presence of the all-powerful creator of the galaxy, who knows them and loves them, and has big plans for each one of them. Want to see all the Photographs from this Event? Visit our official...

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Blood Donation Drive 2017

Highlights: People’s Church Blood Donation Drive

Blood transfusions can be vital for people with medical conditions, such as anaemia, cancer blood disorders, or those who are having surgery. Blood transfusions can also improve the quality of life for people whose illness has no cure. It has long been the burden of our Senior Pastor’s heart to...

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People’s Church Flood Relief 2017

Thank you for joining hands with us in our efforts to reach out to the flood victims. Our efforts would not have been successful if it wasn't for your generous contributions. Given below is a video clip featuring the affected areas and communities as well as a summary of the...

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Highlights: The People’s Church Leadership Summit

The People’s Church Leadership Summit was held from 11th – 13th May 2017 at Church Premises and the National Development Bank Auditorium. Featured below are few images from the event. Want to see all the Photographs from this Event? Visit our official Facebook Page Show Me!

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