Weekly Build Up to 40 Days of Purpose: Fellowship (Featured Image)

Fellowship (40 Days of Purpose: Week 2)

Welcome back to the weekly build up of 40 Days of Purpose. We hope you have been keeping with all that’s being going so far on all our platforms. Last week we touched Purpose no. 1 which was Worship and got to hear about why we actually do it and...

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Worship (40 Days of Purpose: Week 1)

Welcome to the weekly build up of 40 Days of Purpose. In the next few weeks we are going to take a sneak peak of each of the Purposes as well as shed some light as to what 40 Days of Purpose is all about? Testimonies and sneak peaks and...

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Vacation Bible School 2017 - Space Voyage 2017 (Featured Image)

Expired: Space Voyage: Vacation Bible School 2017

This August Kids will encounter the God of the Universe – seeing God’s great power as they explore deep space, travelling beyond our solar system. They’ll also learn about God’s love. Coming up this August at VBS “SPACE VOYAGE” 8th – 10th at People’s Church, 160/30 Kirimandala Mawatha, Narahenpita. For...

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